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22 November 2010


Endemol UK today announced that its production arm Remarkable Television has been commissioned to produce a new factual series Restoration Home for BBC Two.

Presented by Caroline Quentin, Restoration Home follows private owners of crumbling historic buildings as they save them from ruin and restore them into wonderful 21st century homes. For Caroline, this is a labour of love - she has a deep passion for old buildings and admits to being a serial home restorer over the last decade.

With the help of architectural expert, Kieran Long, and social historian, Dr. Kate Williams, Restoration Home turns detective to unravel the properties' astonishing lives. As the new owners transform the buildings into their homes, the family trees of these crumbling ruins start to emerge.  Tales of Kings and Queens, murder, civil unrest, moments that shocked and shaped Britain are revealed as these once forgotten gems are brought back to life. 

Managing Director for Remarkable Television Colette Foster comments; "Remarkable Television is dedicated to bringing viewers groundbreaking factual programmes and it's hugely exciting to move the concept behind Restoration forward with BBC Two. Caroline Quentin brings genuine warmth to the show as we follow the journey of each extraordinary property. The private owners of these buildings are independently helping to save the nation's architectural and historical heritage from ruin."

Alison Kirkham, the BBC's Commissioning Editor for Factual Formats and Features, said: "Formats and Features on BBC TWO aim to make the educational entertaining whilst reflecting on real issues and interests from everyday life. In Restoration Home we look at history and the popular topics of restoration and reclamation. We are also absolutely delighted to have Caroline Quentin on board with this series alongside architectural expert Kieran Long and social historian Dr Kate Williams. Caroline has a real interest and background in restoring homes and is a passionate communicator."

Commissioning Executive Producer at the BBC Lisa Edwards added: "I am really excited about this commission. It cleverly moves on the Restoration brand and taps into a territory we are all fascinated by. The mix of brilliant casting, fascinating characters, houses with intriguing stories to be unravelled and inspiring talent make for a fabulous watch."


As each building is rescued from the brink of dereliction by its new owners, Restoration Home reveals the secrets, long since forgotten, of previous ones.

Restoration Home is Executive Produced by Annette Clarke and the Series Producer is Joff Wilson.  Lisa Edwards is the BBC's Executive Producer.