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7 October 2010


Zeppotron, a UK leader in comedy programming today announced it has been commissioned by BBC Radio 4 to produce a second run of So Wrong It’s Right.


The six part comedy panel series will return next year in a new prime time slot and once again celebrate Britain's favourite subject - failure.  


Hosted by Charlie Brooker, it's a game of competitive ineptitude in which coming up with the wrong answer is the right one. Over a series of rounds, Charlie plunders his guests' pasts, creativity and general knowledge by asking them a number of questions, with Charlie awarding points for the most inappropriate answer.   


From the worst concept for a musical, the most terrible thing to say at a party and the worst reality TV idea they can think of - the panellists must do their best to out wrong each other.


Zeppotron Creative Director Ben Caudell comments: "It's very pleasing that not only is our first Radio 4 programme coming back, but that it's going to be in the prestigious 6.30pm slot. Now at last my mum will be able to tune into something I've done, and not continue to think I'm unemployed."


So Wrong It's Right will be written and presented by Charlie Brooker. So Wrong It's Right was created by Zeppotron's Charlie Bennett, who has been promoted to Development Producer following the commission.


The Executive Producer for Zeppotron is Ben Caudell. Radio 4's Head of Comedy and Entertainment Caroline Raphael commissioned the series.