Peak of 12% of the TV audience playing along at home

The Million Pound Drop Play Along



The Million Pound Drop Play Along game is the revolutionary, BAFTA award-winning, second-screen format which lets viewers play along in real time with the live TV show.

The live, big money game show on Channel 4 has had a peak of 12% of the TV audience playing at home, with over 10 million games played, and billions of pounds in virtual money placed on the digital drops on every single question.

The digital producers developed the online game working closely with the TV producers to refine the user interface, game mechanics and production techniques, including a presence in the gallery during the live shows; the first time a digital production team has been so deeply embedded within a television broadcast.

A key part of the game's success is the way data from viewers playing along is represented in the TV broadcast with on-screen graphics, calls to action and stats shout-outs from the presenter, Davina McCall.

The game continues to evolve each series with new features added in line with changes to the TV format, and the launch of a mobile version of the game in 2012. During transmission, potential contestants must first tackle the play along game if they want to apply to be on the TV show, and our smart phone apps have been downloaded over 2.1 million times to date.
The mobile app also allows fans of the show to play the show any time with paid-for question packs, and is free to download on iOS, Android & Kindle Fire.