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Endemol Shine UK announces 0% gender pay gap


As the deadline for statutory disclosure of gender pay approaches, Endemol Shine UK, the UK’s largest independent production group, is proud to announce that there was no pay gap between genders in 2017.

Every company with 250 or more employees is required by new legislation to publish the gap between men and women on a median basis (pay per hour based on a person in the middle of the distribution of pay) and a mean basis (average hourly salary) by 30th March 2018.

At Endemol Shine UK the overall gender pay gap for mean pay is 0% and for median pay -4% meaning women earn 4% more on a median basis. This compares to the 9.1% national gender pay gap for 2017 reported by the Office of National Statistics.

Richard Johnston, CEO Endemol Shine UK said; “I am incredibly proud that Endemol Shine UK is not reporting a gender pay gap. We are committed to equality and have always worked hard to ensure that people are rewarded fairly for the work they do. This shines through in these figures and is one of the reasons why 95% of our staff when surveyed said they felt genuinely proud to work for the company.”

The make-up of Endemol Shine UK staff is 53% female to 47%* male.

*As of 5th April 2017


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