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Hair-amazing or Hair-raising? Channel 4 Entertainment shapes up with new gameshow, Keep Your Hair On (w/t)


As the nation in lockdown eagerly await their first haircuts, Sharp Jack TV and Initial, EndemolShine UK production companies, have been commissioned to produce Keep Your Hair On (w/t), a five-part digital shorts series for E4 social channels.

This brand-new game show (5×4’) will see contestants go head to head to win the hairstyle of their dreams, but if they lose, they’ll end up with the lockdown locks of nightmares.

Devised by Sharp Jack TV, co-creators of The Chase, contestants will compete for the chance of getting the hairstyle they have always wanted, but there is twist. They must face a round of amusing general knowledge questions asked by The Mirror.

Elliot Johnson, Joint-MD of Sharp Jack TV, said:

“With hair salons across the UK closed, the nation’s locks have grown wild and unruly.  So what better way to get the ultimate lockdown look than visiting the Keep Your Hair On (w/t), salon – there really is nothing to lose, except your hair, your credibility and that weekend Tinder date!”

Katy Manley, Joint-MD of Initial, added:

“Keep Your Hair On (w/t) is a devilishly brilliant idea. The country is crying out to get their hair done and if our contestants get the questions right then they will be thrilled with the outcome. If they get the questions wrong, then they may be appalled by the mullet or pink Mohican heading their way. They’ll have to hope that the mirror is feeling kind with its questions.” 

Phil Harris, Head of Entertainment and Events at Channel 4 said:

“These shorts are a nimble way of getting reactive content to our audience whilst testing – and hopefully growing – bold, funny and shareable formats at the same time.”

Steve Handley, Commissioning Editor for Entertainment at Channel 4 added:

Keep Your Hair On (w/t) promises all of the classic elements of a gameshow in just 5 minutes. It has fast-paced play-along and compelling jeopardy, with a climax of some utterly hilarious and dodgy hairstyles.”

Keep Your Hair On (w/t) (5×4’) was commissioned by Steve Handley, Commissioning Editor for Entertainment at Channel 4 and Navi Lamba, E4’s Digital Executive. It is a Sharp Jack TV and Initial co-production. The Executive Producers are Elliot Johnson and Amanda Wilson for Sharp Jack TV and Katy Manley and Cat Lynch for Initial TV. It is being filmed in Manchester.


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