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Building The World’s Fastest Car


Workerbee TV (part of EndemolShine UK) has been commissioned to produce a 1×60’ documentary for Channel 4, charting the efforts of an elite team of British automotive designers and engineers as they come together with the aim of creating the fastest car on Earth.

After 10 years of research and development, a car was built that combined astonishing aerodynamics with a Eurofighter Typhoon jet engine. Bloodhound LSR.

The Bloodhound team had secured the perfect driver, current record holder, Wing Commander Andy Green, and they had located the perfect track, on a dried lakebed in the Kalahari Desert… they were ready to begin testing.

Then, in 2018, disaster struck, the project went into administration and Bloodhound was 24 hours away from being scrapped. But, Yorkshire businessman and engineer Ian Warhurst, chose to come out of retirement to save the project and see just how fast the car will go.

Building The World’s Fastest Car follows Ian and his team as they arrive in South Africa for six weeks of high-profile testing that they hope will attract sponsors to secure the future of the project, and prove that one day their car will smash supersonic, power past 800 miles per hour, and blast into the record books. It’s make or break for Bloodhound.

Rick Murray, MD of Workerbee, said:

“This is such a fascinating story and one we had to tell, so we actually started filming before we’d found a broadcaster who would take it. We’re really pleased that Channel 4 have come on board and we can’t wait for people to see the incredible effort the Bloodhound team have made while attempting this astonishing challenge.”

Ian Warhust, CEO of Bloodhound Land Speed Racing, said:

“Bloodhound LSR is a global endeavour to set a new world land speed record. By sharing this adventure with a worldwide audience, Bloodhound will help inspire the next generation about science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and will be a supersonic testbed for showcasing emergent digital technologies. We’re delighted WorkerBee and Channel 4 are championing our story to audiences across the UK.”

Building the World’s Fastest Car will be distributed worldwide by Endemol Shine International


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