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Curfew Join The Race

Endemol Shine UK Online Video and Multiplatform team launch their first immersive VR Experience: Curfew: Join the Race


The 15 min VR adventure supports the launch of Curfew, a new eight-part street race drama on Sky One


Curfew – Join The Race is an immersive, interactive VR experience for Oculus Rift, inspired by the exhilarating new drama Curfew, produced by Tiger Aspect (part of Endemol Shine Group) – and MoonAge Pictures.

The Endemol Shine UK Online Video and Multiplatform team partnered with immersive content studio REWIND to produce Curfew: Join The Race, which is available to download for free on the Oculus Rift – released alongside the programme launch.

Curfew is an eagerly awaited street race drama starring Sean Bean, Billy Zane and Adrian Lester. By day the world seems very much like the world we know – but at night the shutters come down, the streets are cleared and a curfew is enforced to protect the population from an infectious virus that has decimated the country. But there is hope of escape, when ordinary people are given the opportunity to race their way free and escape the world of the curfew. Win, and they’ll have the chance for a better life in a better world. To take part is to embrace rebellion and recklessness; but also hope, bravery, and self-belief.

This interactive narrative adventure lands you on the starting grid of an illegal street race inspired by the Curfew universe.

You meet your driver, ‘Eduardo’ and the mysterious ‘Helena’ who communicates to you from her hideout over CB radio. As co-pilot, you must make decisions in the hope of evading the police, other racers and surviving the night.

The experience was created using extensive reference photography, motion capture, immersive sound design, and a notable cast of actors and talent.

Karolyn Holbon, Head of Online Video and Multiplatform for Endemol Shine UK said:

“We’re all hugely excited to have produced our first scripted, interactive VR experience alongside REWIND and can’t wait for the experience to launch in conjunction with the series so fans can experience it first hand. To be able to place a viewer at the centre of a scripted universe, originally created for linear broadcast, is truly innovative and we are extremely proud of the end result.”

Daryl Atkins, ECD at REWIND and Creative Director on Curfew: Join The Race said:

“The ambition was to create a narrative experience which meshes deeply with the timeline and themes of the show itself, providing an immersive alternative angle on the action. The experience allows fans to step inside the world they see on screen and get closer to the race. Virtual Reality can give audiences a new way to experience stories set inside the universes of their favourite shows. With Curfew we wanted the user to not only watch a story, but be a part of it.”

Curfew: join The Race



Curfew is on Sky One, Fridays at 9pm


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