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Felicity Montagu, Sharon Rooney, William Ash and Tom Hanson join Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy for the heart-stopping final series of The Tunnel this December on Sky Atlantic


Felicity Montagu (Alan Partridge), Sharon Rooney (My Mad Fat Diary), William Ash (Shameless, Waterloo Road) and Tom Hanson (The Moorside) are to appear in the final ever series of multi-award winning, Sky Original Production, The Tunnel.

Produced by Kudos (Broadchurch, Humans, Tin Star), Anglo-French bilingual thriller The Tunnel: Vengeance will bid a sad ‘au revoir’ to the adored and unlikely partnership of Detective Karl Roebuck, played by International Emmy award winning Stephen Dillane and his French counterpart, Elise Wassermann (Clémence Poésy) in an original and emotionally charged finale penned by Emilia Di Girolamo (Law and Order UK).

Felicity Montagu plays Winnie Miles, a new boss for Karl and his sidekick, Detective Boleslaw ‘BB’ Borowski (William Ash). Sharon Rooney and Tom Hanson take on the roles of Kiki and Blake, a happy couple expecting their first child, who find themselves caught up in a sickening campaign of horror.

Meanwhile, Angel Coulby makes a welcome return to the cast as Laura Roebuck as do Juliette Navis, Thibault De Montalembert and Cedric Vieira, to play French police Louise, Olivier and Philippe, respectively.

When a stolen French fishing boat is found adrift and on fire in the English channel, Karl believes the missing cargo consisted of trafficked children. But without hard evidence, no-one cares enough to take him seriously; except of course his old friend Elise Wassermann. If anyone is going to understand that these missing children belong to someone, and that their lives are precious – Elise will.

Soon after, events take a sinister turn and Karl and Elise are tested to their absolute limits by a disenfranchised, toxic and terrifying duo on whom society has turned its back.

As the hideous crimes enacted by the brutalised perpetrators build towards a desperate and dangerous endgame, a miscarriage of justice from Elise’s past shakes her to her core. Meanwhile Karl is dealing with his own fractured and fragile family life.
Set in a post-Brexit Europe amidst hysteria around a refugee crisis and the growth in far-right power, The Tunnel: Vengeance powerfully questions the value of a life.

All episodes of The Tunnel will be available exclusively on Sky Atlantic and Now TV from December 2017

The Tunnel has been sold across 171 countries internationally.


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