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MTV and Initial announce brand new royality TV show The Royal World! Bringing a breath of fresh heir to your screens



This summer, royal fever swept the nation as we witnessed royal brides, babies and one heir losing his hair… You may have thought Meghan and Harry’s wedding was going to be the most talked about royal television spectacle this year, but today MTV announced their brand new, high-society social experiment, The Royal World, premiering on Wednesday 7th November at 10pm, on MTV. Tally ho!

For one long, hot summer, MTV invited a group of royals and aristocrats to live together in the English countryside and filmed their every move in an attempt to find out what it is really like to be young and royal… How will one cope when a Baroness, a Lady and a couple of absolute Counts leave their help behind and attend some of the most high-profile events of the season? This is royality TV at its finest.

Archie Manners will act as Master of Ceremonies or, as he likes to refer to himself, a ‘poshologist’ and will guide us commoners through the blue bloods, their backgrounds and bonkers behaviour!

Whilst Princess’ Eugenie and Beatrice won’t be entering the house to become the next Kim and Khloe, this lot will be packing enough of their own entitled and extravagant behaviour and stories. Welcome to the world of royals… including American born and bred, Tyler Dooley. There may not be a royal family in the States but don’t let that confuse you, Tyler is none other than *drum roll* Meghan Markle’s nephew! Tyler considers Meghan to have been more like a sister to him growing up and is set to make a right royal impact as he puts the record surrounding his family straight…

Next up is Baroness Jessica Heydel, who makes up for the rest of us not having a title as she has not one, but three Baroness titles, spanning three European countries. Joining Jessica is Lady Camilla Beresford, whose family owns the sprawling 2,500 acre Curraghmore Estate, the largest private domain in Ireland, and party-girl Zara Zoffany Farida Sassoon-Munns, whose impressive family tree includes numerous Barons and Earls; whilst daughter of an Italian nobleman of Neapolitan heritage, Marquess Maria Gabrilella Diana claims she will ‘go hard or go home’ and there’s only one-way to find out which she chose…

They may have experience bunking with others at boarding school, but how will they fair sleeping in *gasp* a single bed for the next couple of weeks? Two that know all about having to play happy families are Count Michael ‘Misha’ Zadie Campbell and Count Dimitri ‘Dima’ Ziadie Campbell, the adopted sons of Lady Colin Campbell (of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ fame). Joining the boys is Adeniyi Obafemi Olopade, or as he’s known to his friends, Niyi. Niyi is the son of a Nigerian Chief. His distinguished father visits his son in London several times a year but in between visits, Niyi has his own driver, cleaner and housekeeper to keep everything in order. That’s normal, right?

And if those weren’t enough heirs and graces for you, MTV didn’t stop there… Daniel MacLaurin of Clan MacLaurin in Scotland will be next in line to join the house and following Daniel will be Sienna Rose Myson, who used to ride with Zara Phillips and competed at a National Level in Eventing, winning two gold medals at the Open Championships.

Taking trips to prestigious events of the summer season, such as Henley Royal Regatta, will there be more rowing or rowing during one of the poshest social experiments of all time?

Make sure you’re not royally left out when The Royal World premieres on Wednesday 7th November at 10pm, only on MTV! Welcome to The Royal World…




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