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New Shine TV production uses innovative broadcast tech, the mobile rig, to film people under lockdown


This new one-off ITV documentary produced by Shine TV presents a unique insight into the ways people are coping in isolation following the spread of COVID-19.

Coronavirus, Isolation and Me (w/t) will provide an immersive, unflinching perspective on life under the impact of the virus. Featuring people from around the UK, the film’s contributors are being supplied with specially designed mobile phone rigs, allowing them to self-shoot, record and remotely download footage to edit teams.

The film was commissioned by Tom Giles, ITV Controller of Current Affairs, who said:

“This is an innovative way of bringing viewers a deeply intimate perspective on how the coronavirus crisis is affecting our individual and family lives. From frontline workers to families at home, the film will offer a powerful insight into the real human impact of the pandemic that has thrown our normal lives out of the window with alarming speed.”

Tim Whitwell, Creative Director for Shine TV, said:

“Our unique mobile camera rig will mean that we can get direct access to homes across the country without the need to set foot into them. I’ve never worked on a show where directors never meet contributors – so this is a cutting edge approach to a fast-changing and unprecedented period in our national life. We’ll have some strong characters telling us their remarkable everyday stories, and through them we hope to sensitively capture the spirit, tenacity and resilience of the nation as we find new ways of adapting to the situation we all find ourselves in.”


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